8 Days Flores Komodo Tour


8 Days Flores Komodo Tour will be started from Ende or Maumere, middle art of Flores Island. This tour takes you to discover some amazing places. Flores Island is well known to its beautiful landscape. The traditional Village also could be another attraction on this tour. This 8 Days Flores Komodo Tour is designed to see the pure nature and the old traditional Villages. From the pure nature you will see the spectacular of three color lakes called Kelimutu Lake. From the local people life, you will see some traditional Villages like Bena Village, Saga Village, and so on. Beside these amazing objects, you will do some swimming or snorkeling in a beautiful white sandy beach. This is will be in Riung 17 islands. This8 Days Flores Komodo Tour will be finish in the west part of Flores which well known to Labuan Bajo.

NOTE: All these types of tour can also be started from Labuan Bajo and finish in Ende or Maumere

Tour Name : 8 Days Flores Komodo Tour

Duration : 8 Days/7 Nights

Starting Point : Ende, Middle of Flores

Ending Point : Labuan Bajo, West of Flores

Itinerary of 8 Days Flores Komodo Tour

Day 01: Ende/Flores Island-Moni Village

  • Our guide will pick you up at hotel or at the airport of Ende(highly recommended to take morning flight from Bali)
  • Led by our guide, begin your Flores trip by visiting Saga/Wologai traditional Village which belong to Lio tribe
  • Visit Moni Village and check into your hotel

Day 02: Moni Village-Kelimutu Lake-Ende-Blue Stone Beach-Riung

  • Early wake up, then heading to Kelimutu three colors crater lake
  • Soft trekking from parking area to Kelimutu’s summit to witness the most amazing Kelimutu three colors lake that magnificent landscape surroundings.
  • Walking back to parking area and then drive hotel for breakfast.
  • Continue Ende town. En route will stop at traditional market NduaRia
  • Visiting Blue Stone Beach
  • Continue to Riung 17 islands northern coast of Flores
  • Checking in to your Hotel in Riung for dinner and overnight

Day 03: Half-Day Snorkeling Trip at Riung Marine Garden-Bajawa

  • Breakfast will be served at hotel
  • First visit will be Riung 17 islands Sea Garden as one of the most spectacular snorkel site in the northern Flores Island
  • Heading to harbor to get a local wooden boat heading to Kalong Island to see thousands of fruit bats flying out of mangrove tree
  • Sailing the boat to PulauTiga (the third island) for snorkeling and BBQ lunch on the white sandy beach  Boat is sailing back to the harbor
  • Continue driving to Bajawa And stop at So’a Hot Spring for taking a bath if you want
  • Check in to your Hotel in Bajawa for dinner and overnight

Day 04: Bajawa-Bena Village-Aimere Village-Borong-Ruteng

  • Breakfast will be served in hotel
  • Driving to an impressive traditional Village of Bena located in the heath of flores.
  • Driving to Aimere Village to see the traditional process of local alcohol drink from palm juice
  • Driving to Borong Village (the capital of East Manggarai Regency)
  • Stopping at Ranamese Lake to take a picture.
  • Driving to Ruteng (the capital of Middle Manggarai Regency) to check in to your Hotel.

Day 05: Ruteng-Cancar “Spider Web Rice Field”- Lembor Village-Labuan BajoRinca Island

  • Breakfast at hotel
  • Driving to Cancar to see ‘Lodok’ the huge round rice fields that looks like giant spider’ field
  • Driving to the south coast via Narang Village
  • Driving to Denge Village
  • Start trekking up for 3 housr to impressive WaeRebo traditional Village
  • Lunch in the way
  • Dinner and overnight at WaeRebo traditional Village

Day 6: Wae Rebo – Denge Village – Narang Village – Lembor Village – Labuan Bajo

  • Simple breakfast at Wae Rebo traditional Village
  • Enjoying WaeRebo traditional Village by interacting with the local community to learn about their way of life and unique culture before leaving the Village
  • Trekking down back to Denge Village
  • Driving back to Labuan Bajo via Narang Village and Lembor Village. Lunchwill be served on the way
  • Check in at your hotel in Labuan Bajofor dinner and overnight

DAY 7: Hotel Pick Up – Kelor Island – Rinca Island – Bat/Flying Fox Island – Boat Overnight

  • Pick you up by our agency at your hotel. Driving to the harbor with private AC Car. Sail to Kelor Island.Kelor Island is home to beautiful, colorful fishes, white sand beaches and amazing blue waters. The island is famous for its breathtaking ocean views as well as its wide range of hiking trails. You can also commonly find couples spending a weekend together due to its serenity.Being an uninhabited island, Kelor Island is known as an untouched, tranquil island, locked away in the Flores region. You can do lots of activities here, including hiking the hills, swimming in the clear, blue waters and even taking photos of yourself against the picturesque backdrop.
  • Then sail to Rinca Island. It is is a small island off Komodo Island and Flores Island. It is the second biggest of the 3 Komodo National Park islands. As such, most tourists come to Rinca Island to catch a glimpse of the Komodo Dragon, an animal that can only be found in this region.On top of that, Rinca Island is one of the most accessible islands from Labuan Bajo, thus making it a convenient destination.Apart from that, there are many other wildlife animals that tourists can expect to see here, such as water buffalos, macaque and wild boars, amongst many other animals. Bring your cameras so you don’t forget a single moment!There will be three optios trekking for you upon arrival at Rinca Island, those options are short trek (45”-1 hour), medium trek 1-1,5 hour)’ long trel (1,5-2 hours). Besides, you will be accompanied by local ranger provided by the park during the trek.
  • There is Kalong Island. This small island belongs to Komodo National Park. It is located between Papagarang and Rinca Island. As the name cited, it is the home of “Kalong” or bats. That means you can witness thousands of bats in this island. These unique creatures hang on the mangroves at noon. They start flying around in the afternoon and night. Overall, it is a worthy sight for visitors. You can also enjoy the sunset if the the weather permits. Kalong Island is quite small. Most of the land is covered by mangroves. These are the home of tons of bats, after all. Their size is quite big. No worries. They don’t cause harm to human. Apart from the bats, the island features other attractions. This includes the beach. The waves are a little bit strong. That means you should not carelessly play in the water. As mentioned earlier, mangroves are the major part of Kalong Island. Due to this reason, it is a little bit difficult to get around the island.
  • Stay overnight on the boat. Lunch and dinner will be served on the boat.

DAY 8: Padar Island – Pink Beach – Hotel/Airport (Afternoon Flight).

  • Early sail to the island of padar to be arrive there in the morning and to avoid being too hot when trekking to the top of padar island. Padar island is the third big island of the three islands in Komodo National Park. Its located between Rinca Island (the second big island) and Komodo Island (the first big Island). This island is a must visit for those who love nature and great views. The island is known for its beautiful curved beach, surrounded by majestic, green hills overlook it. Every angle of the island is a picture-perfect moment that you wouldn’t want to miss. The hills and terrains are covered in bushes and waist-high grasses, making the region look like a dry savannah.Here, you can trek through the island depending on your proficiency level. Padar Island is approximately 400 meters asl and the top can be reached within 10 to 15 minutes. However, the view from the top is one that is impossible to forget, and is one of the famous photo-taking spots on the island. It is not very suitable for young children and old people to climb the hill as the ground is uneven, rocky, and even
    slippery when wet. Nonetheless, the trek upwards will definitely be worth your time and efforts!
  • Then sail to Pink Beach, so you can imagine the excitement you feel when you know this beach is part of our itinerary. The Pink Beach near Komodo Island is one of the many magical wonders this region has.This beach is pink in color due to the presence of a microscopic animal called Foraminifera, which produces a red pigment on the coral reefs. As the pigments mix with the white sands on the beach, it forms a beautiful pink shore, which has attracted many visitors from all over the world to visit it.Located on the west of Flores Island, the Pink Beach offers stunning panoramic views of the serene, blue seas, fantastic, clear skies, and amazing pink sands as you stand from the hills on the island.There is a range of activities that you can do here, which includes snorkeling, swimming in the nearby waters, hiking up the hills, or simply strolling on the beach. There is always something for everyone to do on this amazing island!
  • Sail back to the town of labuan bajo. Our driver will wait for you at the harbor and ready to take you back to the airport or to your hotel. Lunch will be served on the boat. The tour is end. Thank you for trusting Flores Dreamland.

8 Days Flores Komodo Tour