Komodo Tours is one of the tour that we organize and mostly well-known as the priority to see the Komodo dragons which is the only place to see them in Komodo National Park. These giant lizard can be be found in both Komodo island and Rinca island as well. Komodo Tours will be run by whether local wooden boat fast boat for a short time visit. Local wooden boat will give chance to visit the island for more than one day. It gives you experiences for snorkeling, hiking for some greatest view points likely in Padar island and Gili Lawa Darat as well. You would not regret taking this trip as there are so many things to see, activities to experience and atmosphere to feel that given by the nature or the people who serve you on the boat. This trip can only be organized by an experienced organizer and qualified tour guide. We are here to give you all what we have experienced and our team knows very well what to show you.

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